2N access control to sliding gate

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New Member
Mar 8, 2016
I'm installing a 6.5 meter sliding gate and need to connect it to the existing access control reader.
The reader is a 2N Verso system. I have managed to get into the reader and metered the output as 12v dc when a card is presented.
My problem is that the gate controller requires a NO 24v to operate it.
Can I connect the reader straight to the gate controller, even though its different voltages. Will it work ?

Security Design

New Member
Jun 10, 2019
Hi Peter,
No you can't connect the reader straight to the gate controller. You have two options with the 2N Verso reader you can either change the reader configuration so instead of supplying 12 volts the output is volt free, this can also be changed to n/o to suit your needs. Just be careful of the current drawn through the contacts though as it is limited. Or option number 2 is to install either a 2N security relay or a handy little relay the operates from the 12 volt output,. The volt free relay contacts can then be used to operate the gate.
I hope this helps.