IP SIP speakers

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Security Design

New Member
Jun 10, 2019
We were recently asked to provide a public address system to be used by the security office if an intruder was seen on site. The conventional public address system would require an amplifier, microphone and in this case hundreds of meters of speaker cable installing.

Instead of going down the conventional route we chose to opt for an IP based SIP speaker system which connects to the sites existing telephone system, and decided on 2Ns SIP horn speakers. The site already has a large network infrastructure so each speaker was connected to the nearest PoE switch using CAT6 cabling, eliminating the need and cost of the amplifier, speaker cabling and the majority of labour costs.

Following some configuration of the SIP server all a security guard needs to do, if he see's an intruder, is use their office telephone to dial a pre-programmed internal telephone extension which in turn connects to one of the external horn speakers. The SIP server can also be configured to provide a global facility, where all speakers would transmit the message.

The speakers worked first time and all have excellent clarity and volume.

If this type of system could be useful for your premises please get in touch at www.securitydesign.co.uk


New Member
Mar 21, 2016
This sounds just like what I need to install around a warehouse. Where did you buy the speakers from ?