What would you do?


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Mar 8, 2016
Hi guys,

What would you have done in this situation?
We had a call out from a customer who had locked themselves out of their house. We quoted a £70 call out to gain entry and the customer accepted.
Our engineer arrived and said to the customer he cant stand right by him as he can't show them how its done. The customer said ok and walked away. Within a few seconds the engineer had opened the night latch and the door was open.
When the engineer asked for the £70 the customer said he isn't paying £70 for two minutes work. Basically there was a bit of a disagreement with the customer insisting he wasn't paying the full £70. So the engineer shut the door, walked off and got in his van.
I'm 100% backing the engineer but this customer is giving me hell on the phone, saying he is going to report us blah, blah, blah.

What would you have done ?